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Le Bar Long, Paris

Paris is synonymous with style and sophistication; from the fashion boutiques to the illustrious Champs-Élysées and various charming historical landmarks, the city has everything a person could want, and more! The City of Love is truly the leader of international trends, and nothing speaks of this more than the long list of luxurious hotels, restaurants and bars, dotted throughout the romantic streets of the city.

One bar that oozes style and sophistication is Le Bar Long, featured in the grandiose Parisian hotel, Le Royal Monceau. The bar, along with the hotel, underwent a transformation lead by the inventive designer Philippe Starck, who proves his ingenuity through the application of luxurious, poetic and chic design.

The sumptuous Le Bar Long is positioned in the heart of the hotel, and is appropriately adorned in warm reds and rich timbers, alluding to the French 1930’s nightlife with an injection of modern brilliance. Large white linen curtains surround the space, creating an intimate sanctuary away from hustle and bustle of the hotel. Embrace the intimacy and score yourself a comfortable armchair curtained-off in a little alcove; or if you’d rather people watch, line yourself up either side of the bar with a delicious drink in hand to watch the colourful, the affluent, and the stylish glide by.

With his need to consistently push the boundaries and standards of design, Starck has revolutionised the generic bartender-behind-counter scenario. Bartenders are able to move freely around the space, offering a luxury tableside cocktail service to ensure that every cocktail is tailor made, setting this establishment apart from the various high-end bars in the city.

Le Bar Long has definitely set itself up as THE must-visit destination during your next trip to the City of Lights.

Max Sparrow

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