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L’Hôtel du Ministère, Paris

Paris is one of the most beautiful places in the world for its architecture. Think cobblestone streets and heritage buildings from periods including Gothic and Renaissance blended amongst contemporary design.

My love for the diverse design styles the City of Lights has on offer is the motivation behind this post. Take inspiration from L’Hôtel du Ministère for how to style interiors during the hottest months, the French way.

The boutique hotel has a Mondrian-inspired colour palette of bold blue, red, yellow, black and white, paired with gorgeous Mid-Century Modern inspired furniture. You’ll find the communal spaces decked out in a mixture of all of these bold colours, and although the guest rooms also feature most of these colours, they’re definitely toned down a lot to offer a cool and contemporary, yet relaxing space. A burnt orange occasional chair and marigold throw ties in perfectly with the red and yellow patterned accent cushions, providing the right amount of colour in a predominately black and white room.

Replicate the clever use of colour in your home, remembering to tone down the use of bold colours in the bedroom so as to not overstimulate (you don’t want to be kept up all night). The analogous colour palette in the aforementioned L’Hôtel du Ministère guest room is a fantastic (and easy) way to incorporate colour in your home whilst also accomplishing a harmonious interior.

This is just one small example of how to achieve a L’Hôtel du Ministère-inspired summer interior, so make sure you scroll through the gorgeous photographs too see how you can carry this look throughout your entire home.

Anthony Spon-Smith