Design Field Notes

Design Field Notes

Design Field Notes

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Lift Your Bar Game At Home

When thinking of living areas, sofas, coffee tables, occasional chairs are some of the pieces that come to mind, but this Summer’s 2021 essential piece for entertaining at home is a Coco Republic bar cabinet. So much more than a storage unit, a bar cabinet is a reflection of your personality and your ability to entertain, whether it’s martini’s or non-alcoholic cocktails, it’s time to have fun.

“There’s a romantic ‘Madmen’ throwback feeling one gets when presented with the opportunity to potentially have a drink via the lounge room bar cabinet at 12 midday. Coco Republic has hence paid homage to this bygone era and released many new bar cabinets just in time for the seasons end”, says Anthony Spon Smith, Coco Republic Creative Director and Co-owner.

With new Coco Republic designs landing in store now, bar cabinets set the tone for hosting and create the ultimate statement in a living space, dining room or even hallway.

Coco Republic’s must have accessories and cocktail recipes for entertaining this season include:

Amsterdam Bar Cabinet: Fluted glass, timber veneer and aged brass accents.

The Amsterdam Cocktail Inspiration. Espresso Martini by L’Americano.


Archie Rose Original Vodka

Cold drip liquor


Vanilla sugar syrup

Shaved chocolate

Miami Bar Cabinet:  Timber louvers, honed marble and brass handles.

The Miami Cocktail Inspiration. Aperol Spritz by L’Americano.






Harlem Bar Cabinet: Blackened oak, mirror and glass internals, with brass accents.

The Harlem Cocktail Inspiration: Americano Cocktail by L’Americano



Rosso Vermouth


Rawson Bar Cabinet: Hand-carved timber and gold reeded wood.

The Rawson Cocktail Inspiration: Negroni Cocktail by L’Americano



Archie Rose Distiller’s Strength Gin

Vermouth with an orange twist

Barolo Bar Cabinet: Shagreen embossed leather and metal accents.

The Barolo Cocktail Inspiration: Mediterranean Gin & Tonic by L’Americano


Archie Rose Signature Gin

Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic

Lemon Peel

View our range of bar cabinets here.




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