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Field Notes- Liquid Landscapes, Martine Emdur

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Liquid Landscapes, Martine Emdur

There is something therapeutic about Martine Emdur’s ocean scape collection.  Perfectly rendered bodies submerged in the ocean, light refracting through the water, a calm glistening surface.  Looking at her large-scale paintings you can’t help but feel like you too are immersed in the tranquil water. 

Hanging an Emdur above a dining table, in a living room space or entrance (space permitting, most paintings are almost 2m wide) would create instant interior calm. 

I am not the only one with this opinion; self-taught Emdur has been one of Sydney’s most prevalent and successful artists for some time now.  Her work is in constant demand and has a waiting list of over 2 years at the Tim Olsen Gallery. 

Emdur’s latest exhibition (the first since June 2010) opens at the Tim Olsen Gallery Woollahra, April 4th – 22nd

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