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Trend Alert: The Living Room In 2019

For living rooms in 2019 we can definitely see a trend towards oversized artwork and mirrors, clients really have responded to the way it allows you to play on scale and proportion. Wall art and mirrors are getting bigger to visually fill the spaces without impacting on the footprint of the space, it can create symmetry and balance with proportions while giving the illusion of luxury and architectural balance.

A way to incorporate larger pieces into your scheme is to lean larger floor mirrors or artworks on shelves for a contemporary layered lavish feel. The Max Sparrow Manhattan Shell Mirror is the perfect piece to achieve this.

Another trend is the use of sustainable and natural fibres with a focus on minimalism. Larger pieces of furniture will be more minimal with a focus on relaxed pieces, less clutter and lines, translating through the quality of workmanship and embracing the slower life. The focus with this growing trend is bespoke and handmade natural pieces that have a story or create an emotional connection.

The ability to get a one-off piece is more accessible with the abundance of available local artisans who focus on a holistic approach, good design, textures and high-quality finishes. The new Noble Souls by Timothy Oulton collection is a beautiful example of artisanal craftsmanship. Natural vegetable dyes combine with handwoven linen fibres, crafted by generations of artisans with time honoured techniques. The Oasis Modular sits beautifully in any living space.

I think we will see people being braver and using more adventurous colours through accessories and smaller furniture pieces such as scatter cushions, rugs and occasional chairs. Larger items like sofas, have still been in neutral colours with the idea to swap out smaller or medium sized pieces based on new trends coming through the market.

Interior styling has provided a contrast with hints of black, white, brass and marbles but we are seeing more of a focus on colour blocked vintage rugs or striking patterned fabrics and decorative cushions.

An incoming palette of rich ruby reds, vibrant oranges and royal purples will be coming in contrasted with grey based navy’s, chocolates and apricots. You can tailor the Brentwood Slipper Chair with thousands of bespoke fabric options.

Regardless of trends you will always have a selection of gathered objects that you have collected as a result of experiences or the unexplained draw of something that gives you pleasure to look at, they are part of telling the story of who you are and how you live your life.

When we work with interior design clients we really encourage them to introduce pieces that are sentimental, it’s important from an emotional view but also blending eclectic personal touches allows the client to make a space their own. Pieces collected through travel, photos and art, coffee table books are all great examples of how you can layer and personalise your living room. Click here to browse Coco Republic’s new decor collection.

Caitlan N

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