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A Lesson in Contemporary Furniture Design

There’s a reason iconic artists Frank Sinatra and Liza Minnelli sing that recognisable tune about New York; an aspirational city, New York – and Manhattan in particular – exude a constant global urbanity, unapologetically fast-paced, and of course, majorly influential.

It makes sense then that my own Manhattan inspired range of the same name, featuring contemporary furniture design elements, takes cues from New York’s quintessential urban appeal. Modern sophistication is exemplified in the endless popularity of my Manhattan collection, offering both light and dark oak finishes coupled with sleek silhouettes and luxe matte gold detailing.

Notable for a loft living style all its own, Manhattan has provided unbound interior inspiration globally, its unique aesthetic promoting streamlined profiles with bold dispositions and just a hint of sculptural significance; an apt description for my Manhattan range, if I say so myself.

To boast an urban interior aesthetic with a decidedly contemporary edge no matter your design predilections, look to my Manhattan collection as your canvas. In true Manhattan style, the range references architectural design, providing a refined and considered signature style, spanning the bedroom, living space, dining room and beyond. I’ve not yet met an interior the modern versatility of my Manhattan collection doesn’t complement.

Dining room and living room interior design schemes with all the style of The Big Apple undoubtedly share the inherent contemporary qualities of my celebrated collection, making it easier than ever to emulate the same sleek interior back here in Australia. Existing Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane furniture has only been enhanced by the refined luxury of my Manhattan collection, a feature I’ve ensured my showrooms in each of the East coast capitals adequately represent.

Lending itself to an array of coffee tables books (the ultimate in table-top chic) and casual entertaining simultaneously, the solid base, strong angles and sculptural influences of my Manhattan Glass Top Round Coffee Table offer elements in both style and functionality, while the matte bronze-gold metal frame ensures contemporary urban style is not in short supply. Displaying sleek curves and graphic lines, my Manhattan Glass Coffee Table complements the linear architectural designs of New York City’s skyline; careful consideration of such details as these wont fail to elevate modern living room designs.  My tip? Curate the remainder of your living room interior with layered textures in muted neutrals to achieve that coveted inner-city apartment style.

Unrivalled for restrained elegance and contemporary allure, my Manhattan Extension Dining Table pairs minimalistic influences with luxe materiality, clean lines and subtle curves; an undeniably transformative dining room piece, once again offering the versatility and signature Manhattan aesthetic my collection doesn’t cease to deliver.

The austere palate and sleek disposition of the collection lends itself to a myriad of design styles from the refined to the eclectic, the coastal environment to the urban playground; one of its major appeals being its propensity to pair with innumerable silhouettes and finishes. Case in point; my Manhattan Dark Oak Bedbenefits from coordinating pieces in the Manhattan range, while remaining equally as susceptible to pairing with pieces from other collections, such as my Benson Side Table (masquerading as a nightstand), to stunning affect.

There’s no doubt in my mind this aesthetic versatility plays a role in the ongoing popularity of my contemporary furniture series, coupled of course with the design qualities intrinsic to a collection well-versed in the contemporary.

Anthony Spon-Smith