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Design Field Notes

Design Field Notes

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Evolution of the Mars Chair by Timothy Oulton

After creating the first generation of the Mars chair in 2006, Timothy Oulton described the chair as being modern in shape and ideology but still reflective of vintage aspects and that it is vintage, contemporary and futuristic all in one. The first generation of the Mars Chair went on to win ‘Most Innovative Product’ at the Luxuria Awards in 2010.

Collaborating with Michael Yeung, who’s core concept is ‘furniture as functional art’ – the Mars Collection in inspired from the world of mechanics and aeronautics. Michael likens his work to that of a sculptor, visualizing how the light will reflect on the product and ensuring shadow that will be cast in the space. Both Michael and Timothy agree that the Mars Chair is a timeless piece that will look just as good in 20 years’ time.

Pushing the frontiers of design, the Mars has evolved over time from the original model to the sleek Mars MK3, more exclusive Mars MK4 and now the newest embodiment, the Mars MK5. A testament to exceptional and authentic craftsmanship, every detail of the Mars collection is meticulously constructed.

The Original: Mars Chair

Transporting elements of Art Deco to the future of furniture design, the Mars MK1 mixed hand-moulded polished metal with Timothy Oulton’s signature aniline leathers, distressed by hand for a vintage look and feel. Its distinctive shape featured a raked back and thickly padded seat for comfort.

Mars MK3

After the MK2 didn’t launch past prototype stage, the MK3 was launched in 2014. Leather padding was added to the arms for a warmer feel against the skin, and hand-applied screws contour the steel frame and add another visual detail.

Limited Edition: Mars MK4

Used in the production of sports equipment, motor cars and aviation, carbon fibre is still new in the use of furniture. In 2016, the limited-edition Mars MK4 was launched. Unpadded arms accentuated the sculpted carbon fibre body while soft and buttery Cherokee Black leather covered the seat and back for a rich textural contrast.

The New: Mars MK5

New for 2017, the Mars is transported into the era of the classic muscle car with the industrial-looking MK5. More audacious than ever, the MK5 swaps the shiny steel curves of the original Mars for slatted brushed steel arms, inspired by the car grills of 1960s and 70s automobiles. The smooth seat and back of the original Mars has been replaced by thickly ribbed leather – another nod to classic automobile design. Modern, masculine form is masterfully blended with a retro feel in this latest incarnation.

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