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Metallics Revisited

If you’re looking to update your home by injecting some drama and elegance into the space, then adding metallics is a sure way to achieve this. From copper and brass as recently featured in this post, to chrome and nickel, the glimmer from a metallic surface can create a statement interior. This being said, with the plethora of different metals and applications to choose from, creating a refined space with this look can be easy to overdo, so be sure to follow these three simple steps to achieve a balanced, sophisticated and ultra luxe space.

Add Texture

Balance the smooth surface of the metallic detail by adding soft textures to the space; opulent fabrics such as velvet, mohair, wool and fur are a beautiful contrast and allow for the metal to, well, shine. Take a look at the Ariel Rug by Coco Republic; the silver fish scale detail is offset by the soft blue Indian wool and silk, creating a beautifully balanced piece.

Colour Match

Select metal details that share a similar hue – pair soft gold leaf items with polished gold, copper, or brass, to create a cohesive look with warm-based colours, in the same way cooler-based metals such as chrome, silver leaf, or nickel, should be placed together.

Soft vs. Polished

Soft, delicate finishes are always a great way to introduce metals into your home, offering a subtle patina as opposed to a high reflective surface, which ultimately means you can get a way with using this more throughout a room – you don’t need to limit yourself to just one accent piece. A piece like the Maxwell Chair by Max Sparrow has a soft silver leaf metallic frame that can easily be applied to any interior – from a traditional setting through to contemporary.

Although the Collette Coffee Table, also by Max Sparrow, is completely adorned in a metallic finish, the softness in the taupe silver leaf patina offers a subtle sheen that reflects light, which can often help open up a space. Softer metallic qualities can also help balance the more reflective finishes often seen in polished nickel or chrome pieces, such as the Nixon Dining Table by Jonathan Adler or the Wolff Coffee Table by Max Sparrow. These distinctive polished surfaces, though highly luxurious and beautiful, can be quite overpowering if overdone – so use this metallic finish in moderation, and make sure to layer it with lots of texture.

Max Sparrow

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