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Miami Basel

Design Miami is THE leading venue for the design world, bringing together the most influential buyers, designers and exhibits from around the world. The exhibitions that present at the venue are on par with those featured at museums, often having a sense of grandeur and ingenuity.

The brilliant collectors lounge of this year’s Design Miami 10th Anniversary event was created by the Seattle-based design firm, Olson Kundig, whose work continues to influence and inspire, evident in the otherworldly Outpost Basel pavilion.

Outpost Basel’s design intention was to create a harmonious space whilst pairing contrasting materials and design methods, creating an exciting and interactive zone to host many in-depth discussions about all things design related. X-shaped patterns, incorporated to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the design event, form the exterior of the display, whilst a seemingly tall wooden box appears towards the inside. This complex box structure made from wooden bricks by Austrian firm Schwieghofer shows its intricacies when approached, showing off the small openings through its dark hue of the wood achieved through a burning process by the ancient Japanese art of Shou Sugi Ban.

Inside the wooden cube you’ll find laid-back lounges atop the wooden bricks and warm glows of light radiating from behind the frame, illuminating the openings in the structure. The lighting, which was installed by Seattle-based media artist Glymmer, changes colour in accordance with the speed of visitor’s movements, ensuring the mood of the space perfectly reflects that of the guests.

It can be seen through the different technical layers, that architect Tom Kundig enjoyed mixing ancient techniques and old materials within a more contemporary design aesthetic, creating something purely magical for those lucky enough to attend the event.

Max Sparrow

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