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Milano Art Deco: Villa Necchi

I first saw Villa Necchi in the Luca Guadagnino film I Am Love – a dramatic exploration of love and politics in the Italian bourgeoisie.  For me, it was love at first sight and I promised myself I would visit the extravagant home in Milan as soon as I could.

I am obsessed with patterns and geometry, so Art Deco is one of the design styles I covet the most –  from jewellery to architecture and furniture design.  This home is the perfect example of classic Art Deco.

Villa Necchi suits Milan extremely well, with its cold beauty and obvious opulence.  People often tell me they dislike Milan because of it’s mismatched and industrial architecture, particularly in contrast to it’s historic sister city, Rome.  But once you look past the city’s stark design, and you begin to venture inside courtyards and distinguished villas, you will find some breathtaking interiors.  In this respect, Villa Necchi is a perfectly Milano. 

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I hope you enjoy this interior as much as I did:


Felix Forest

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