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Design Field Notes

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Minetta Tavern, Greenwich Village

On approach to the Minetta Tavern it is quite easy to miss the entry. Located in beautiful and bustling Greenwich Village in New York City, you could be forgiven for walking past the venue without a second glance. A true gem lies behind the understated doors. 

Opened in 1937, the tavern was named after the Minetta Brook which ran southwest from 23rd street to the Hudson River. The creek was filled in during the nineteenth century and debate still runs today as to whether it exists underneath the concrete jungle.

The hotspot is best described as ‘Parisian steakhouse meets classic New York’ or translated into my own words – a French bistro with a hint of vintage NYC decor. Once a hang out for Ernest Hemingway, EE Cummings and Dylan Thomas, today the Minetta Tavern sees celebrities, writers and artists flock to enjoy the Michelin star venue. Famous faces line the wall spanning the tavern’s 80 year history.

Upon entry, you feel as though you have stepped back in time with a distinct 1930s vibe to the interior design of the restaurant and bar. You are greeted with a large mahogany bar whilst petite wooden tables and rich red leather booths await.

The beautiful old world glamour of the interiors is as intriguing as the menu. A recommendation from The New York Times as the “best steakhouse in NYC” was enough to sway me to visit and I am pleased I did. Travellers from around the world have flocked to eat at the famous eatery and some say they come only for the food but leave with a great application for its interiors. I myself left with both a love of the menu and in love with the interiors… Until next time Minetta Tavern. 

Daniela Frougas

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