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Monochrome Opulence by Greg Natale

Two time winner of the Belle Coco Republic Interior Designer of the Year, Greg Natale has always been known for his glamorous interiors. This Brisbane family home is certainly no exception. The owners wanted to move right in to a finished Greg Natale product and they certainly got what they wished for and more. The different patterns, textures, materials all tie in together to exude a symphony of elegance.

If you have followed Greg’s career you would know that he is all about taking risks and giving his clients an experience through pattern, texture, and colour. All though this property is almost monochrome in colour the use of pattern and texture keeps the eye interested through every corner of the room. In fact, when I saw this property completed I was on the verge of buying a plane ticket and starting the adoption proceedings so that I could move into my own suite in the main house.

The impressive black and white marble floor with inlay flow through from the entrance to the formal living areas through to the kitchen where the natural vein of the marble is contrasted with the subtle neutral stripe wallpaper from Greg’s collection with Porters Paints to his more bold geometric rugs introducing colour into the otherwise monochrome space. Texture is added through the different materials used in the accessories, from luxurious Hermes cushions and throws, and crystal vases and steel sculptures.

Clearly budget was not a huge factor in building this house, but you can ultimately achieve this look at your own home by utilising some of the principals in the overall design. You might not have the abundance of space this home has, but taking key pieces of from the home and putting it in yours based on your lifestyle is one way to bring this look to your home. For example, if you enjoy an alcoholic beverage in the evening, invest in a bar cart and stock it with your favourite spirits. You can even find some fun crystal decanters and tumblers in second hand stores, or some fun alternatives.

Another alternative is to glam up your coffee table with some marble accents, some geometric boxes, a tasteful floral arrangement, think Jeff Leatham, and a beautiful coffee table book.

Tom Matosin

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