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It is really just a coincidence that it’s getting colder and a cooler tone is on trend right now. None other than the moody and calming appeal of a deep, dark blue.

Do as the talented team at Robert Mills Architects have done at the Carrical House in Melbourne’s prestigious suburb of Toorak: a room adorned in the stormy Dulux shade, ‘Celtic Rush’. The walls and fireplace are lathered in this colour, encasing the room with a sense of warmth; even the sofas, side tables, artwork and decorative items offer the same hue in this blue-on-blue room – proving that there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing.

The main bedroom offers fresh white walls and luxurious silver-grey carpet flooring, which allows the deep blue bed to standout as the feature piece. The tufted upholstered bedhead looks soft and cushiony, complimented by the denim-coloured linen bedding, which adds to the cozy feeling without compromising on style.

From all-over coverage to a more pared-back application, both of these spaces demonstrate how you can easily incorporate this colour into your home for a sophisticated and luxurious interior.

It was a project that was shortlisted for at the 2016 Belle Coco Republic Interior Design Awards and I’m not surprised. It is simply stunning and the team at Robert Mills have done an exceptional job.

Caitlan N

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