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Creating The Dream Mudroom

While not prevalent in Australian homes, mudrooms are instrumental in keeping a home organised and clutter free.

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The most important element…

It’s important not to overthink or clutter the mudroom. Keep it simple and streamlined with ample concealing storage.

Top three decorating tips…

Incorporate hanging space for a few pieces such as jackets. There are great hooks in the market and flat circles or contemporary black hooks are on trend right now.

A floor runner or small rug really finishes off a mudroom. Ensure you select a piece that is durable to handle the high traffic of your home’s entry and always use non slip mats so your rug doesn’t move.

Often a mudroom is a smaller space and the simplest way to make the room appear larger is with a beautiful mirror to reflect light. The mudroom is often the first room seen in the home and a mirror is perfect to make a great first impression.


With a lack of space…

Traditionally the mudroom is more common in North American or British homes so many Australians won’t notice this room is absent.

The main purpose of a mudroom is storage, so as an alternative, ensure you have adequate entry and hallway storage in your home. If built in cabinetry is not an option, opt for cabinets and sideboards that will work for your needs.

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