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Music To The Home

I’ve noticed a trend as I flick through pages of my favourite international design magazines and after trawling Pinterest. Musical instruments are the new statement art.

Whether you have a piano, guitar, drum kit or trumpet, the craftsmanship and detail that is put into each of these pieces proves that they all make intriguing decorative items.

A piano can be decorated like you would a bookshelf. A stack of colourful coffee table books off to one side topped off with a beautiful vase or bowl, and a large framed artwork to add some height for the perfect vignette. The traditional piano stool isn’t the most glamorous of things, so a sheepskin throw over the top will add a luxe element. Or simply replace it altogether with a bench seat – I have my eyes on the Coco Republic Neta Bench for a subtle pop of print.

A guitar or bass in the corner of room is nothing new but instead of a dark corner in the bedroom, make the piece an accent in your living space.

Consider incorporating your smaller instruments into vignettes on consoles or mantle pieces. Pop a flute on the mantle and make music more than just a hobby but also an interior feature. A beautiful brass trumpet used as a bookend will be an interesting break from the norm, and a ukulele or tambourine grouped with your favourite treasures will be a great conversation starter.

Caitlan N

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