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Natural Luxury: Deep Green & Timber

With all of the natural elements we’ve seen in interior design recently it’s really no wonder that the hues of green have been trending also. Associated with nature, tranquillity and health, green hues are the perfect pop of colour to compliment the rattan, timber, and woven elements we’ve been loving lately.

Personally, I love a deep olive or military green as the wall colour paired with plush furs, handsome leathers and timber for a luxurious Scandinavian aesthetic. For a more masculine aesthetic, just add some black highlights throughout the space (such as a black painted built-in bookcase or perhaps just some simple pendant lights) to contrast against all of the raw natural materials.

I find a fresh forest green acts as a great accent colour in furniture and/or decorative items. A forest green sofa really stands out against a white wall and gorgeous timber floorboards for a sophisticated space. Something as simple as an indoor plant will also add this gorgeous colour to your home’s interior and emphasise the nature theme. My go-to’s are the olive tree, the Monstera Deliciosa (or ‘Swiss Cheese Plant’), and of course the Ficus Lyrata (more commonly known as the oh-so popular ‘Fiddle Leaf Fig’).

Max Sparrow

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