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Interiors Trend: Natural Raw

Naturally as the New Year rolls in we start to recognise new styles and trends emerging with the release of new season product. In 2016, one of the most significant styles seems to have us returning to nature. Textiles such as linen and hemp, natural flooring including sisal carpets and rugs, grass cloth wallpapers, natural stones, raw timbers, leathers and subdued earthy colour palettes such as terracotta and muted green tones combine to create the blueprint for natural decorating. Together they create perfectly understated interiors.

Bringing nature into our homes is something we have long strived to achieve. Natural elements intrinsically make us feel calm, grounded and above all relaxed and harmonised with our surroundings.

Pair this often with an awareness of our ecological footprint and the lifestyle changes that go hand in hand with this with this. As our attitude changes toward waste and over consumption so do our homes as we look to find natural alternatives.

Moving to a more raw and rustic aesthetic however doesn’t necessarily mean you’re on a mission to save the planet and nor do you have to compromise on comfort or functionality. Consider selecting natural products and finishes as accent pieces and pair them back with more contemporary clean lined items to create a stylish juxtaposition. A natural stone feature wall can look stunning against fresh and crisp white walls or perhaps pair a sisal rug back with industrial polished concrete floors.

When working with natural products it’s important to remember to be sympathetic of their nature and imperfections. While linen is by far the front runner when it comes to natural textiles it’s important to remember that not only will linen wrinkle but it also has a high shrinkage rate. If it’s being used as a window furnishing, it’s important to allow for extra meterage due to shrinkage. However, for all its’ imperfections linen is not only beautiful aesthetically but it repels dirt and wicks perspiration away from the skin, making it a perfect for bedding to create a look of understated elegance.

Integrating natural elements, whether subtle or dramatic into your home, create ambient, warm and relaxing spaces and if used sympathetically, paying homage to their natural properties, can evoke a style of living that is timeless and here to stay.

Caitlan N

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