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The Nelson, St Kilda

The bayside surroundings of St Kilda in Melbourne, provide the inspiration for the latest project from Techne Architects – The Nelson.

Already a hit with locals (myself included), The Nelson is where you can come to indulge your appetites in rum. All while relaxing in a comforting local bar fitted out with raw and rustic materials.

Recycled timbers recovered from Melbourne’s docklands are used throughout the scheme to form all joinery items and to help create an authentic timeworn aesthetic.

The timber-clad bar is based on the design of a port’s pier and serves as the main feature of the scheme as it runs centrally through the longitudinal space.

The local pub feel is amplified with a deliciously casual menu that are great when shared. The 12 Hour Marinated Pork Ribs and Southern Fried Wings are a highlight.

A hand painted mural of a mythical sea creature ‘The Kracken’ by artist Dexter Rosengrave, is located at the back of the space adding another layer to the maritime theme of the space. The legendary sea monster serves as a main feature in the bar, and will be sure to make any impression of any bar-goer.

The perfect place to go with friends for a casual afternoon session, I highly recommend a visit.


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