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New America: Thom Filicia Interior Design

I'm proud to admit I was an avid watcher of the USA version of Queer Eye For A Straight Guy back in the early 2000's. I was the straight guy target market that secretly enjoyed seeing how those rooms got transformed among the quirky wit of the funny hosts. There I learned how to 'Zhoosh' and I discovered the inspirational work of Thom Filicia.

Thom was the interior designer force on the show. If anything that show down shone his immense capabilities as a designer. In my opinion he is one of America's most exciting interior designers.

Having met him a few times whilst in the USA only made me like him more. He's relaxed and approachable and humble about his work.

Filicia has a great New-American style and is universally known for his ability to create stunning modern, yet classic interiors that retain an inviting aesthetic which reflects the individuality of his clients.

Planted now firmly in House Beautiful's (USA) 'Top 100 Designers', and regarded by all other USA publications as an A-Lister, he's definitely stamped himself as a leading force in interior design. Further to that he now has license deals for television, artwork, fabrics and furniture.

He's a legend, and one of my favourites. Check out some of his great projects below.

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