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New on the Block: Pig and Pastry Cafe

Husband and wife team Kath and Iain Smart started their dream business just a few short months ago – the motto is simple; great food, fresh ingredients and most importantly relaxed welcoming surroundings.

The name stems from the original Pig and Pastry located in York, UK – owned by Iain’s sister.

The exposed timber brick wall gives it a rustic vibe, whilst the potted plants and fresh flowers in each corner gives you the feeling you are in your favourite aunty’s home.

With sweet outdoor tables under a navy and white stripe awning you could be sitting in any European small village. The bunches of fresh flowers for sale over the weekend means you can grab a coffee and spoil yourself with a bunch of flowers.

The tea is served in mismatched fine china teacups and saucers- lovingly collected by the couple over the years they spent living in London.

The standout piece for me is the antique butchers block. Made of beautiful solid timber it was previously a family heirloom. This piece is over 100 years old and has found it’s forever home in this vibrant Inner-West café.

The interiors came together in an organic way with all the family pitching in their skills – which just adds to the wholesome look and feel. Complete with a budding herb garden out the back tended to by Kath’s mother.

With the talented couple recently welcoming their first child you will often see an additional member of the team popping into the café – baby Ernie. With the time he spends there my money is on his first words being ‘coffee’s up’!

Pig and Pastry Cafe
1 Station St, Petersham NSW 2049