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Design Field Notes

Design Field Notes

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New Horizons by Jamie Durie

My latest range for The Rug Collection takes inspiration from the blurred horizons of the beautiful, natural Australian landscape. When I was creating these designs, I was also inspired by the ombre trend sweeping the globe – in everything from decoration and to beauty and runway fashion!

Everyone knows that rugs are a fantastic addition to any home and a great base to build your room around.  The way I think of it is when you photograph a portrait of someone, it is nice to have the background out of focus so your attention zooms into the subject. These exquisitely colour shaded rugs act as a beautiful backdrop to any room, in much the same way depth of field influences our perception.

With these designs, there is no critical point of transition between one shade of colour to the next and as a result the rugs provide a soft, comforting anchor to a room, evoking a sense of serenity similar to what you experience when viewing a landscape horizon at dawn or dusk. 

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My tips for shopping for a rug?  Firstly, do not be afraid to be bold! Be generous with the size of the rug and think of it as a grounding point for the entire interior scheme of your room.   And keep furniture placement and movement in mind – for example, a dining room rug needs to be large enough to accommodate the dining chair when it is pulled out. The chair legs should not drag on and off the edge of the rug.

When I am styling a room, I like to build an interior from the ground up. It is a great way to set the atmosphere and palette before you introduce the furniture and artwork into the room. 

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Jamie Durie