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Nine Hours Hotel

Who doesn’t love sleep?  If you say you don’t, you’re lying.  All of us humans need it, and almost everyone would agree there is nothing better than a solid night’s rest.  9 hours of sleep, to me, is sometimes the ultimate luxury.

It goes then that Japan’s latest boutique hotel, Nine Hours, is the most luxurious new hotel on the planet.  A space designed purely for giving you nothing more than a perfectly restful sleep.

Guests check in, remove shoes (as is the custom in Japan), are given toiletries and disposable pajamas (if you didn’t come prepared with your own) and are then allocated a single sleeping pod.  Each of the pods have been fitted out with quality mattresses custom designed by Nishikawa, a 448 year old company, and pillows from Nagoya based in Kitamura.

The first of it’s kind was established in Kyoto, and now the trend has spread to Narita Airport.  If I ever pass through, I will be sure to stop in, if not for sleep then for the novelty factor alone.  I suggest you do the same.


Anthony Spon-Smith

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