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Rich Character At Home: Introducing Nolita

Max Sparrow’s newest collection has just landed online, introducing Nolita.

Characterised by rich, earthy walnut and onyx coloured woods, luxurious upholstery and signature gold accents; you can expect an instant level of sophistication in your interiors with any of these furniture pieces.

Below are my top five must-haves from this collection.


Nolita Upholstered Queen Bed With Wall Panels


I believe a bedhead has transformative powers, it can elevate any ordinary bedroom aesthetic into a style statement.

The Nolita Upholstered Queen Bed With Wall Panels features oversized wall panelling to create a point of interest making the bed centre stage. Classic in design, the upholstered grid-like headboard creates a sense of grandeur whilst being space efficient.


Nolita Dining Chair


Choosing the right dining chair is a delicate balance between style, function and practicality. The Nolita Dining Chair is a well-designed combination of the three most important considerations.

An exposed metal frame defines the chair’s clean line profile, upholstered in a padded velvet back and seat for the perfect sit. For a complete dining room setting, pair these chairs with two Nolita Metal Dining Chairs as host chairs.


Nolita Cocktail Table


A coffee table is the focal point in a living room, and the ideal coffee table blends seamlessly into any living room space anchoring the home.

Modern and contemporary, look no further than the Nolita Cocktail Table. Characterised by a striking harmony of wood, metal and marble it is playful in design and geometric form. This signature piece creates an inviting space to entertain family and friends.


Nolita Dresser


Create the illusion of more space in your home by decluttering. Negative space is a key element in clever design, it brings effective visual emphasis to the key pieces in your home.

Take on a minimalist design approach by reorganising your home with storage worthy of showcasing. The six drawer Nolita Dresser in onyx is luxe and versatile, making it perfectly suited to a living, dining or bedroom space.


Tilbury Etagere


Practical and functional, a bookshelf is a timeless statement. It’s an expression of your interior style, it tells stories of your travels and your favourite current reads.

Made of nine geometric shelves finished in a rich onyx tone and framed in a sleek brushed-bronze, the Tilbury Etagere is easily my favourite piece of the Nolita collection. Its structural elegant silhouette creates an eye-catching wall accent individually or paired together.

To view the full Nolita collection online click here.

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