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NYC Inspiration: Retail Therapy

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NYC Inspiration: Retail Therapy

Whilst furniture searching in New York I made sure to spend some time, wandering the streets, soaking up one of the worlds most energetic cities. 

I found some great little shops in a pocket of Soho. While their connection with furniture or interior design is lean, they inspired me nonetheless. So I thought I'd share them with you:

Prince St, East Village

These guys are the real deal. They should have their own TV show. They are interior designers that fit out bars, restaurants, shops and homes in an Amercian industrial way. They search all around the U.S at building sites from the 50's to find those special pieces, then re-invent them for their jobs or store. I stumbled across their store whilst in the East Village one afternoon and loved their style. Their new clothing line is also fantastic – if you're going for that look. 

OK Cigars
West Broadway, Soho

Whilst wandering the furniture stores I stumbled across a bunch of eclectic gentlemen smoking cigars outside an old run down quirky store – Ok Cigars. Only in New York would you find a store so serious about smoking a fat Cuban. The store was for the enthusiast and the romance of cigar smoking drew me in. The owners looked like they'd smoked many a fine one and the atmosphere was relaxed and eclectic.

Wooster St Social Club
Wooster St, Soho

I don't approve of tattoo's, despite having one myself.  But Wooster St Social Club does make them feel very cool. If you were thinking about getting one, this is the place want to do it. I suppose that when you get a tattoo you do join ‘the club’… If you get one at Wooster St Social Club…well, that’s a club you’d definitely want to be apart of.

Taschen Book Store
Greene St, Soho

Taschen is definitely the best publisher in the world – especially if you're looking for books that add interest to an interior. And their showrooms have to be equally interesting. A tough brief for an interior design firm I would imagine. But they've nailed it here in Soho. The store is inviting, fun and engaging. I could spend all day flicking through the books. 

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