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Field Notes - NYC Inspiration: Rudy’s Barber Shop

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NYC Inspiration: Rudy’s Barber Shop

I travelled throughout the USA last week, buying furniture and looking for inspiration. Stay tuned this week for more posts about some of my wonderful finds. 

Strangely enough I found inspiration in the form of a Haircut, or a hair dresser.

Towards the end of the trip my hair was looking slightly jet lagged. I was staying at the Ace Hotel (29th and Broadway) and discovered Rudy's Barber shop under the hotel. I whipped straight in for a slick back and sides. 

The basement level shop is only mildly visible from street. It's cool industrial interior made me feel like I was a New York local circa 1962, and the staff were inspirationally casual in a New York kind of way.

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The hair cut managed to be one of my best, not just for the smooth slick back it produced but it somehow managed to cut away my jet lag.  Add a New York 'small' latte (the size of a can of coke) and I was ready to hit the furniture stores with vigour.

If you're in town and need a cut, don't go anywhere else. 

Stay tuned for more posts from my travels….

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