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Design Field Notes

Design Field Notes

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Create Your Home Office Sanctuary

Most of us have adjusted to working from home as the new normal for the last couple of months.

You may be asking yourself, “How can I work from home and still be inspired to be productive?”

We suggest creating a space in your home that is designated specifically for work, away from the everyday. We’ve pulled together a collection of beautiful home office looks and expert tips to help you create your own space.

Pick your office area. If you can, find a quiet space that has a lot of natural light, with enough room to spread out. Try to situate yourself near power outlets as well. Functionality is key in a workspace.

Choose the right desk, desk chair and lighting. One commonality with all workspaces is the need for our essentials: laptops, monitors and office supplies. Choosing the right desk will ensure access to your working tools without disruption. You will also need to make sure you are comfortable at your desk, so choosing the right chair is crucial. A productive space is an ergonomic one. Though we live in sunny Australia, it is key to have suitable task lighting that inspires as well.

Our picks: Aleka Table Lamp, St James Chair, Toledo Desk & Vento Carver Chair

Add a small break out space. Finding a space to have a moment of Zen can be the key to a productive workspace. Changing your position during the day can make you feel refreshed. Our advice is to choose a comfortable armchair, illuminate the area and create a spot for your afternoon tea.

Pictured here: Fairfax Chair & Flex Side Table

Declutter. A productive workspace is one clear of clutter. This will eliminate distractions and create a sense of calm by knowing where all of your important items are. Whilst decluttering ask yourself, “When was the last time I used this item and does it make me happy?” If you can’t remember when you last used it or if it no longer sparks joy, donate it or recycle. Each item on your desk needs a home, place your essentials like chargers and papers into trays or boxes.

Our picks: Artemis Tray & Fox Tray

Create a calming atmosphere. One way to create calm is to add a favourite scent to the room, therefore a candle is a must. You can also add a green plant to the space to add life to your space. Each addition will make your office feel more inviting.

Pictured here: Coco Republic’s signature scent, Feu De Camp Candle.

Make it an inspiring space. Though your home office is at home, sometimes an office can turn clinical. Make the space your sanctuary by adding personal touches with the pieces you love. Throws, pillows and functional objects can make the space come alive.

Our Picks: Dome Marble Box, Tsar Book Ends, Faux Fur Throw & Talia Cushion

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