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The New ‘It’ Plant: The Olive Tree

For a while we’ve been obsessed with the fiddle leaf fig for interior decorating thanks to it’s large, luscious hand-sized leaves. Its vibrant green leaves were a favourite when it came to contrasting against the minimalistic, monochromatic interiors we’ve seen over the last few years. There is a new ‘it’ plant in town, Mediterranean native, the Olive Tree – or, the Olea europaea, to be precise.

This historic evergreen tree, which dates back to ancient Greece, features leathery lance-shaped leaves that are a beautiful dark green on top, and silvery on the underside – a beautiful colour palette for the up-coming winter months! It can grow between 3 to 12 metres tall, so it’s the perfect accessory for a room with sky-high ceilings.

Keep this baby close to a window or sliding door as it flourishes in natural sunlight – I mean, it is Mediterranean, after all. As these exotic trees do not thrive as easily indoors, ensure you place it outside as much as you can so it can bask in the sun. A large terracotta pot is perfect to house the plant, just make sure that it has ample drainage holes – the soil should be moist, not saturated.

Caitlan N