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On Trend: Patterned Tiles

Gone are the glory days of white and beige floor tiles. Flicking through the latest Belle and Indesign magazines, I couldn’t help but notice the new focus. From international homes to projects from local interior designers, patterned tiles are in, in a big way. 

It’s all about feature tiles where we say ‘hello’ to eye catching, bold patterned wall and floor tiles. Take inspiration from my gallery below to adapt the look into your own space to create fresh interior schemes, appreciated all year round.

Whether your taste lies in that of Moroccan inspired tiles, modern geometric formations or a mismatch of heritage encaustic tiles, the trick to remember to when achieving this look is to allow the tiles to be the ‘hero’ and main feature of the room. Pair back the additional elements in the space and opt for a mixture of streamlined furniture, simple fixtures and well considered architectural lighting. By following this simple yet vital rule, your space will elude the modern characteristics and playful, artistic qualities the tiles embody; creating a nostalgic and professional space for all.

For a modernised look, I love black and white patterned tiles. The contrast of monochrome, in interesting graphics, evokes a chic and luxurious aesthetic. Partner the tiles with natural elements such as soft timbers and warm concrete; this will soften the space to create an inviting, fresh and youthful living environment.

When decorating for an eclectic heritage scheme, I recommend the use of decorative feature tiles. Not only do they add character and charm to the space, they also give depth and volume. By using a feature tiles as a floor treatment, it results in less visual chopping, giving the illusion of a larger area. This is perfect for inner city tenants who are limited on space. Another option to create depth and volume is to continue the tiles up the adjacent wall, giving the illusion of a higher ceiling and an extended visual space. The key is keep the remaining walls white or a crisp neutral.

Another tip when styling for an eclectic/heritage scheme is to mix old elements with modern ones. Partner sleek, updated furniture and fittings with traditional tiles to create a space packed with character. Alternatively, challenge the eras! For instance, mix retro patterned tiles with mid-century inspired furniture to create a unique modern look.

Tiles are no longer the flooring choice of the past. They can be incorporated into almost anywhere in your house. Tile your kitchen splash back with a fun and exciting tile, following all of the above rules, to make the kitchen the heart of the home. Or even use tiles as a feature panel in a bedroom or as a bed head for an ensemble.

As you can see, tiles are no longer subjected to the flooring. There are a variety of exciting ways which you can incorporate into your space, whilst still maintaining a fresh, modern aesthetic. 

Beth F

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