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In Vogue: Petrol On Trend

Petrol continues to make its presence felt in the home. A colour that grew in popularity late last year, it’s as intriguing as ever.

A cross between blue and teal, petrol can be mysterious, moody and elegant or contemporary and bold. I love the combination with shimmering bronze or copper and it harmonises with black perfectly. Blue spectrum colours are rather cold so pairing with warmer tones is generally advised.

Unisex yet sophisticated, this hue works in any room of the house. Think kitchen cabinetry or bathroom accent tiles. Walls floor to ceiling or a splash of colour in drapery. Contemporary artwork, oversized and dramatic, or cushions in mohair on a sofa. The styling opportunities with petrol are endless.

Take note. Renowned stylists including Maria Grossmann, Hans Blomquist and even the queen of white walls, Lotta Agaton are working more and more with this opulent colour.

For a wonderfully rich pop of petrol, I recommend a beautiful rug, mixed back with a small splash in an artwork. Combine this with black pieces and a warm accent of gold.

See my gallery below for inspiration.

Caitlan N

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