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Design Field Notes

Design Field Notes

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Eastern Influence: Hotel PuLi, Shanghai

A week back, I was traveling throughout Asia and had the obligatory stop over in Shanghai.  I always look forward to this part of the trip, as a stay at The PuLi Hotel is one of my absolute highlights.  

The spectacular hotel foyer, featuring back-lit chevron iron work, sets the scene as you enter.  Travel through, and you’ll find yourself in the lobby (which is equally  inspiring) and has an almost Italian feel to it – very Zen in it’s interpretation.  Rattan and wicker chairs speak of Chinese heritage in the lower bar, while the ambient music playing is a serene refuge from the busy bustle of the dirty Shanghai street.  I can’t fault it.

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I always choose a suite, decorated in minimal detail and equip with a complimentary jar of my favourite sweets, the milk flavoured White Rabbits made locally in Shanghai. 

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To top it off there is a Costa Coffee shop next door, not great by Sydney or Melbourne standards, but definitely one of the few high quality coffees in Asia and such a necessity when you’re jet lagged and worn down from the hustle and bustle of travel.

Hotel PuLi comes highly recommended by me, make sure you check it out when you’re in town.


Anthony Spon-Smith