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The Perforated House, Brunswick

The Perforated House by Kavellaris Urban Design is a home unlike any other you’ve seen. A modern residence in Melbourne’s Brunswick with a striking façade of printed perforated steel. A piece of architecture that challenges the typical terrace aesthetic that many Australians, especially Melbournians, have a love for.

During the day, the Perforated House looks like heavy box, yet also ghost-like in a way; the white terrace graphic is a subtle detail against the light grey of the steel. From the front it almost looks like something from a movie set – I could imagine walking through the façade only to find a void behind it. However, what lies behind the steel wall is just as fascinating as the façade itself.

The operable steel façade folds out to expose the top level of the two-storey structure, bridging the barrier between private and public – interior and exterior – thanks to the clear glass railing that helps create an unobstructed view between both of the spaces.

The interior of the upper level consists of a lot of gloss and glass, which could potentially come off quite sterile if it wasn’t for the warm timber veneer that adorns the ceiling. The use of glass has been carried throughout the home to create the illusion of more space in a structure that is quite limited in its dimensions – a mere 5.5 x 11.7m.

The clever use of materials and design details by Kavellaris Urban Design is highlighted when the building comes to life at night. The lighting from the interior transforms the ghost-like form into a permeable light box – a truly imaginative design concept that shows just how this family home is constantly able to transform.


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