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Potted Bliss: Indoor Plants 101

I have been inspired recently to add something living to my interior design scheme – something green and sculptural, to add interest, height and balance to my living room.

Here are my three top contenders:

1. The Fiddle Leaf Fig

A sub-tropical variety of fig, this plant is designed for hot dry climates and needs very little water (tick!). It’s a slow grower (but can reach up to 12ft!) and will need the occasional prune to keep it in shape. The only real attention that it needs is a regular dusting.

Rose Bay Residence by Coco Republic Interior Design


2. The Strelitzia

This one is one of my favourites. With soft flat leaves that stick out in all directions, the Strelitzia is a tropical variety that requires bright, but indirect sunlight. It needs watering once a week and a regular misting during winter when the air is dry.

Concrete Planters by Coco Republic


3. The Succulent or Cactus

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Clearly the easiest option, a little cluster of succulents in an ornamental bowl or terrariums hung from the ceiling always create subtle interest in a space. These little guys need hardly any water and can handle almost all kinds of conditions in doors, so long as you don’t live in a dark basement.

Larger style cactus’ add a more masculine edge than the plant options above. They work well with retro or mid-century furniture. Go for something sculptural and don’t even think about watering them – they need about as much attention as the coffee table they’re sitting next to.

Inspiration from Pinterest

See the gallery below for indoor plant inspiration and add a touch of greenery to your interior.


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