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Pretty and Gritty: A Shipping Yard turned Fashion Precinct

Fashion brand Urban Outfitters needed a workspace that embodied the unique style and vintage retro character of their world-renowned brand.  An abandoned naval shipping yard in Philadelphia, dating back to 1776, was the perfect canvas:

The trendy flea-market aesthetic of the brand translates successfully, with the some of the derelict original features of the shipping yard intentionally preserved and restored. Original paint has been left on the walls, reclaimed timber has been used to create the staircase, the original windows have been repaired and some metal features have been purposely left to rust.  The spaces are reminiscent, yet promote a sense of inventiveness and originality.

Richard Hayne the chairman of Urban Outfitters believes that his employees’ ability to create cutting-edge designs relies on the workplace being an incubator for innovation.

What do you think of this exciting retro revamp?

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