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Perfectly Pretty Sorbet

Inspiration comes from so many places when it comes to interior design and decoration. It is one of the things I love the most about the industry. You can be inspired by beautiful 1930s neoclassical architecture wandering down a street or something wonderful in a natural landscape. Today I’ve developed a sweet tooth and am taking cues from perfectly pretty sorbet flavours.

Who doesn’t love colour. Not only does colour impact our mood and become a vital component when creating experiences, it is also a visual tool and key player in decision making. Plus, a beautiful succession of tonal hues is an immediate eye catcher. With sorbet tones in mind, there are a lots of do’s and dont’s when you want to style your home using a pastel based colour scheme.

Have a small colour palette to work with and reference imagery/existing features/exterior elements that will compliment the chosen colour scheme- not fight it. As with any colours, too many pastel colours in a single room can make it feel busy and cluttered. Shy away from saccharine pastels as these are the pastel based tones that result in a room looking whimsy and childish- unless this is the look you are going for. Focus on colours such as duck egg blue or salmon to achieve a sophisticated look in your home.

Another way to ensure a sophisticated look through the use of pastels in your home is the relationship between the neighboring materials. Dark wood makes for good trim and accents when the blue and green tones are used throughout the space, where as light wooden furniture and white trims work extremely well within spaces that feature the warmer tones. Pair with moody grey hues, crisp whites and marble for a luxurious on-trend scheme.

White itself is a valuable neutral colour that you should also pair with pastel colours. The use of white within an interior environment makes a room feel fresh, clean and open. It also assists in brightening spaces and making them feel larger than what they are. This is essential for apartment/terrace living. An option would be to have some walls finished in a white tone and then have a pastel colour as a feature wall and accessorise accordingly; allowing you to inject personality into your room without compromising on space.

Textiles are also a wonderful way to add sophistication and a sense of luxury into your space. Look for light toned furnishings and accessories to compliment your colour choice. Keep your eye out for pieces with contrasting textures and ones that will give shape and volume to your overall living environment. For instance, look for window treatments constructed from a delicate material that drape effortlessly and bunch seamlessly at the base of your window, or select contrasting textured accessories to add a sophisticated volume to your existing pieces.

Alexandra D

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