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Q&A With A Colour Consultant

An expert in the field of colour, I sat down with experienced colour consultant Sharon Gage to get the scoop of what it’s like to work in the industry.

Sharon teaches two brilliant courses for the Coco Republic Design School: the one day Masterclass Colour For Interiors and the new three day Mastering Colour Schemes. Having done the masterclass myself, I thoroughly recommend it to anyone wanting an inspirational way to spend a Saturday or for a refresh for a practicing interior designer. To find out more about these courses, click here.

What drew you to the world of colour?
Colour has been, and always will be, the anchoring feature in my life.  I don’t ever remember a time where colour wasn’t around me or affecting me in some shape or form. My earliest and most fondest memories of colour are from my childhood… watching my Mother sew and bring home wonderful coloured fabrics to make my brother, sister and I clothes. I was always transformed and mesmorised by the colour combinations, patterns and beautiful textiles that lay before me. This firstly drew me to the world of fashion design and then ultimately to the wonderful world of colour and interior design, where I now play.

I am forever indebted to colour and all that it has offered me. It has provided me with a career spanning over 25 years. It has taken me around the world and enabled me to work with the most amazing and talented people. Most importantly though, it has equipped me to be able to share and teach this fascinating subject with other and to bring happiness to their environments. Today there is nothing more I long to do, than to teach in this field and to share my colour knowledge to the next generation…. in the hope that I will eventually tell the whole world about colour!!!

Why is it important to study colour theory?
It is so important to study “Colour Theory” as it ensures you gain a solid understanding of the basics in relation to colour. Without this grounding, your colour knowledge and interpretation of colour can be impaired. Understanding the “Theory of Colour” is like learning to read a new language. Hue, Tone and Chroma form the basis of the language of colour. How richer ones life is with a sound knowledge and understanding of this fascinating subject and language called COLOUR!. 

What is the best thing about being a colour specialist?
The best thing about being a colour specialist is having a vision for someones residential home or commercial space and being able to enhance its appearance by providing a contemporary colour scheme that you know will look amazing. To be able to transform a space and make it even more magical, just by waving a paint brush of colours to the walls and providing a final colour scheme and story for my clients, is a hugely powerful thing.

Another wonderful thing about being a colour specialists is understanding the power of colour to control human emotions.Learning to understand how colour can literally change people’s lives just by the impact it provides is so rewarding.

What would your number one piece of advice for someone wanting to embark on a career as a colour consultant?
Just go for it. To play with colour everyday is the most richest and colourful job in the world! To be able to offer colour advice to my residential, commercial and overseas clients and to help them enhance their interior and/or exterior spaces is a wonderful privilege. I never take for granted the gifts I have been given and my enjoyment and satisfaction in helping people solve colour mysteries everyday.

The most important question, what is your favourite colour and why?
My favourite colour has always been, and will always be GREEN! I have always had a love affair with green. It is my happy, go-to colour!.

It has, of courseevolved over time. As I have grown and matured, so too has the colour green matured with me. The green hue I once loved years ago is now not as bright or as intensely mid green as it used to be. These days my favourite green hue is more of an aqua/blue based colour. The Psychology of colour comes into play here with this colour now depicting a more cooler, calmer, contemporary green hue, more in keeping with the freshness of the ocean and the green/blue hues found in nature. 

Caitlan N

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