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Q&A With A Floral Stylist

We’ve all heard the phrase before – your home is your sanctuary. I often think there is nothing better than a clean and tidy home with fresh blooms and candles burning.

Personally, I am having a moment with droopy white Tulips. Which is lucky considering they’re in season (late winter to early summer). Last month it was branches of blossoms and before that was large bunches of baby Eucalyptus.

With flowers on the mind, I spoke with Heidi Albertiri of The Lifestyle Edit ahead of her new masterclass with the Coco Republic Design School on Saturday 3rd September. There are a few tickets still on sale and you can book online here or phone 1300 000 220. The editorial and lifestyle stylist (you may know her from her interiors pages in Home Beautiful) is set to lead an informative and hands on day playing with, you guessed it, flowers and foliage. The School supplies all the blooms and materials and you even get to take a vase home with you.

You’ve had a dynamic career as a stylist, what are some of your career highlights?
I have worked with some really great Australian talents, from famous designers, celebrities, artisans and makers from all backgrounds, so  to be able to witness their creativity and be able to work together across so many different fields has been so much fun and feels like a bit of a dream. It is really hard to pick one highlight. 

What drew you to the art of floristry? 
It was actually when I went to buy a bunch of flowers and I wasn’t happy with them. I took the bunch home, reworked it and added some things from the garden that I thought “ wow, I could actually do this” so I did and for me it just makes sense. I am drawn to colour and design naturally  so flowers seem just seem like a natural extension of everything I love. 

How does it differ, styling floral for a photoshoot and styling for the home?
Everything looks different through the lens, so you have to work with your concept but then look through the camera to check, space, dimensions, light, layers, etc. It is a lot harder doing a shoot because you need to make it look effortless but so much work goes into piecing it together. 

How would you describe the day-to-day life of a floral stylist in three words? 
Early mornings, long days surrounded by beautiful things, working with flowers is not for someone who isn’t hands on. You need to get in a get your hands dirty so it isn’t always as glamorous as it sounds. But you get to create beautiful things so that is what keeps you wanting more. 

Which are your go-to flowers to enhance any room that are available all year round?
Foliages and leaves are always around, it is amazing how a branch or something green can alter the look and feel of a space.  I love using herbs in kitchens too, they are somewhat nostalgic and always look fresh and lovely.

If you want to spend a day learning the art of arranging flowers and foliage, then enrol now in Masterclass Floral Designs with the Coco Republic Design School on Saturday 3rd September.

Caitlan N

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