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Queens Park Residence: Q&A With Lily Cumberland

Featured on the cover of last month’s House & Garden magazine is the beautiful Queens Park residence styled by Coco Republic Interior Design.

We spend ten minutes with the senior interior designer behind the project, Lily Cumberland as she talks us through the planning, interior scheme and the challenges faced during this project.

Lily on the Queens Park residence, “The clients put a lot of trust in us and made little changes to our original design concept. It was wonderful to see the design executed how we had imagined”.

Q. How did you meet the clients and how long had they lived in this house?

A. I met the clients about 18 months ago. They had just started their build and needed assistance tying everything together.


Q. What is the age and style of the house, and what are the main attributes of the base building?

A. The house is a new build in a modern contemporary style, it features a timeless weatherboard exterior that blends into the interior finishes and furnishings. Walter Barda Design did an incredible job with the home, the architectural elements include coffered ceilings and contemporary bay windows creating a sense of elegance and authenticity.


Q. Who lives in the house and what outcomes did they hope to achieve from this project?

A. Our clients are a young growing family of five, they wanted to create a fun place to enjoy informal living, combining low maintenance and synergy between the indoor and outdoor experience. They had goals to create their dream home where each family member had their own space and could grow into the home over the years.


Q. Could you tell us about the concept behind the design and the colour palette?

A. The house offers sweeping views across the valley, and we wanted to create interior spaces that flowed gracefully into one another and bring the colour palette of the outlook into the interior. The overarching concept was Hamptons style with a twist. Working closely with the client we were able to create a look that was bespoke to them.

Upon selecting the colour palette, the use of green was important as they have always loved the colour green. Our challenge was introducing it into every space without it feeling too overwhelming or gimmicky. Through the mix of light oak and driftwood timbers, fresh white marble and resin, natural chunky linens and sisal rugs the neutral canvas allowed us to inject pops of celadon, jade and forest green. We were able to create colour bursts of green in a striking yet understated way.


Q. Could you share some of the aesthetic aspects of the brief?

A. We wanted to achieve a mix of calm and warmth in the interiors with unexpected exciting moments. The formal dining area is accentuated with luxurious velvet chairs and hand-carved timber pendants to create drama, whilst the otherwise neutral colour palette and natural woven textures offered timelessness and harmony with its surrounding environment.

There would be many family gatherings and frequent daily use of each room, all of the elements in each space were considered and needed to be very hard-wearing. We used surfaces and fabrics that were low maintenance and high performance. Keeping the client’s lifestyle in mind, we selected a dark colour for the sofa that would be more forgiving and incorporated surfaces that were easy to wipe down.


Q. Did the clients keep their existing furniture, or was there much purchased that was new?

A. The clients purchased most items brand new. They did have a fabulous large vintage artwork that they wanted to keep, and with very limited wall space I was concerned that it would dominate the whole area.

However as soon as we saw the artwork in the space, it was almost as though the whole house could have been designed around it, as it was the perfect piece for the space.


Q. Did you face any challenges on this project?

A. The most challenging part of the project was getting the chandeliers hung in the dining room with the coffered ceiling. There was a point that we didn’t think it was going to work however, everyone persevered and we managed to get them up. Now they look amazing!


Q. What are the most innovative features of the renovation in your opinion?

A. With a large open plan area to furnish, it can be quite daunting to work out the right proportions for the floorplan. We were able to create dynamic spaces of movement and gathering that were suited to different times of the day and season.

The end result is a home that has a sense of openness, providing ample seating for the family to relax and unwind, but also a generous space for entertaining guests.

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