Design Field Notes

Design Field Notes

Design Field Notes

Queens Park Terrace Home by Akin CreativeQueens Park Terrace Home by Akin CreativeQueens Park Terrace Home by Akin CreativeQueens Park Terrace Home by Akin CreativeQueens Park Terrace Home by Akin Creative

Interior spaces

Queens Park Terrace Home by Alexander and Co

Embarking on the complete renovation of my own home was one of my most exciting projects to date.  My partner Tess and I have two young children, with one on the way and our brief was to renovate and refurbish an existing 2 bedroom semi detached terrace for a growing family, and to make a home which would be both a positive experience to live in and memory for the children growing up in it.

The existing terrace was fairly dilapidated and far too small for the block of land which permitted much greater site usage. So the first step was to make the terrace feel much more like a house by modifying the proportions of each room and embracing the side pathways. 

With our young family in mind, we wanted create a home full of colour, texture, scale and pattern to allow our children to experience the house rather than just co exist with it.  Patterned timber, exposed joists, penny-round tiles, operable window shutters etc all work toward providing an interaction between the children and the home. Also the house had to be robust, practical and safe.

Simplicity combined with components like solid rosewood and plywood attempts to create spaces which can be resilient enough to contend with 2 toddlers whilst still being cost effective and beautiful.

Fundamentally the planning of the house was designed to include East-West vistas wherever possible, so that the setting sun could be experienced from any part of the house.  These views all also look down or through to our much loved gum tree. 

We also planned the kids bathroom with a Japanese style bathtub and concealed shower head to act like an extension of the hallway.

The design of the master bedroom was dictated by Tess, who requested that the room felt like a luxurious hotel suite – hence the soft lighting, heavy curtains and alpaca carpet.

My Most Loved Elements;

  • Rosewood doors
  • Alpaca carpet
  • Exposed joists with 4.2m kitchen ceiling height
  • View of the tree from everywhere
  • Utilising the full width of the block
  • Relocating the front door to the side to avoid entering off the street straight into the living room

Jeremy Bull