Design Field Notes

Design Field Notes

Design Field Notes

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Interior spaces

Quick Tips; Styling Your Home For Sale

How your home is presented could greatly impact how much it sells for. And when you consider that your home is more than likely you biggest financial asset, it is well worth making the extra effort.

First impressions are everything and you should ensure your homes street appeal is maximised. Make sure the garden is properly maintained, windows cleaned and paths and driveways are looking fresh. You want the potential buyers to be enticed to inspect the property further. If the interior walls and floors of your home could use a bit of a re-fresh, be sure to stick to a neutral palette.  Any bold paint colours or feature walls can polarise your potential buyers, whereas white walls and soft neutral flooring, will help to create a beautiful sense of space.

One of the main objectives when selling your home, is enabling the potential purchasers as much opportunity as possible to envisage themselves living in the property.  One of the most effective ways to achieve this is to de-clutter and de-personalise the home. Remove everyday mess, unnecessary furniture pieces and personal photos.  This will minimise curiosities around the house and create a simple, minimal space.

Fresh floral, fruit and scented candles can add aroma, colour and sense throughout the home and make for the perfect finishing touches.  If you can, allow a small weekly budget for these for the duration of the campaign.  Selling an empty house can be challenging and staging your home can eliminate the guess work for potential buyers who may struggle to have a vision.

Remember you are selling a lifestyle, not just a space. 


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