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Quick Tips: Wallpaper

Introducing wallpaper into your home can transform and elevate it from ordinary to phenomenal. At Coco Republic Interior Design, creating a well thought out design scheme means crafting each room’s mood and story by using the appropriate pattern and colour in wallcoverings. Selecting your designs and where to display your wallpaper can be overwhelming.


I seek advice from Coco Republic Interior Designer and wallpaper enthusiast, Amanda Pocock on simple tips & tricks to help you create your cohesive and clever interior.


Choosing one wall to feature wallpaper in your space can help to keep your costs down while also allowing you to incorporate a vibrant and daring design that may be too dominate when applied to every wall in your room.


Highlight interesting architectural elements in your home by applying wallpaper thoughtfully. It might sound out of the ordinary, but those intriguing architectural details that you may naturally want to hide away can be turned into a positive with a clever dose of wallcovering.


Boost the cosiness of your smaller rooms by covering every wall in a textural wallpaper design. Create a warm and inviting space with a textured grass cloth wallpaper or a softer, low contrast pattern that’s easy on the eye. You’ll be creating calming and serene pockets of your home in no time!

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