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Design Field Notes

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Repetitive Design

Repetition in interior design is powerful. It often goes unnoticed but pay attention and you’ll see it everywhere. Patterns, architectural features in a row and even symmetry create repetition.

Subtle details in repetitive patterns within furniture pieces can create unity and cohesion within a space. Play with the patterns in your main luxury furniture pieces and highlight those details within your setting. For example, I love to use the Max Sparrow Benson Side Table with the Max Sparrow Marquette Coffee Table; the clean lines and geometric details create harmony within a living room setting.

Look for repetition not only in furniture, but also in architectural details: the placement of posts or beams can create a subtle yet effective pattern that catches the eye. Consider patterned tiles or parquetry flooring – the intricate arrangement creates a brilliant focal point against a more neutral and paired back interior.

Choice of palette can play into this effect. Featuring different tones and shades of the one hue will automatically unify the space, allowing you to splash with accessories and accent pieces. Think striped two tone wallpaper or contrast trim panelling.

This design quality is part of what allows us to absorb every level of detail within a space – it helps with the rhythm of our eyes to flow from one element on to another in an organised manner. Subtle yet powerful.

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