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LA Luxury: Rocker Eclectic

Perched in the Los Angeles hillside neighborhood of Los Feliz, is a traditional home which evokes a cool artistic flare, partnered with a understated elegant aesthetic, in all the right measures. The space which will be set for discussion this week is home to Joe Troham, lead guitarist of ‘Fall Out Boy’, wife Marie Goble and daughter Poppy.

To say this transformation was a tough gig, would be an understatement- according to ‘Troham’ in an recent interview with Vogue Living. After purchasing the home, Joe and Marie alongside a team of designers worked tirelessly to transform this rundown Los Angeles home into a space packed with personality. Not only did the couple wish to keep the integrity and existing layout of the Spanish inspired home they wanted to create a welcoming family home that stayed true to their rocker roots. With this in mind, they decided to limit any major construction elements and removal of walls and focus purely on the individual spaces them selves and enriching them with an eclectic rocker edge, which would come in the form of the colour palette, the surfaces and lastly, the long list of furniture items.

Let’s take a look inside!

Upon entering the space, immediately, you are transported into another world. One where your imagination can run free and one were your love of colour and texture is rediscovered. The colour have cleverly divided the house up, with the living and entertainment areas towards the entrance of the home, with the bedrooms and back of house areas located either towards the back or the sides of the home.

The living room is the first space you step into. Never has a taxidermy peacock on a fire mantel looked so perfect. The space consists of many opportunities for lounging with deep sofas in a rich velvet texture, mid century inspired occasional chairs and textured ottomans all framing an oversized tiled fireplace. The geometric tiles used inject a contemporary edge into the Spanish-style home and play of the shape and form of surrounding elements within the space- for instance, the light fittings and the coffee table base. Speaking of the coffee table, the glass top table with a bronze ram skull definitely brings some rocker chic to the room. Whilst new pieces of furniture and accessories were also purchased, the owners were able to marry many styles of their own existing pieces, creating a personalized, welcoming space with an eclectic cool vibe- perfect match for the couple.

Architecturally, the space also features exposed beams within the ceiling and oversized black steal framed windows evoking an industrial aesthetic within the space.

Progressing through the space, the dining room is another area within the home that incorporates both homeowners passion. With Joe as a musician, a Marie being a lover of art “both were creatively open-minded and risk takers” when it came to the décor of the home. The dining room is a prime example of this with a Mid Century inspired dining setting, and oversized architecturally pleasing pendant which mimics the lines of the furniture, surrounded by oversized graphic imagery. The bold and expressive artwork featured in this space sets the tone for the rest of the house beyond.

Banquette seating off the kitchen is a perfect example on how the couple have incorporated an array of different styles within the home. Typically seen in traditional Hamptons inspired homes, this informal seating arrangement works perfectly and proves that you don’t have lots of space to achieve an impact! The space features a marble top table, enclosed seating with a view of the exterior landscape, an oversized brass pendant and very sassy artwork. A bit of tongue in cheek never hurt any body right?

This aesthetically pleasing design style is continued into the master bedroom and ensuite. The space features a dark timber flooring, a layered and texturized bedspread contrasted with a blush fuscia head board, dainty ottomans in a more concentrated hue and signature artwork. Rather than displaying art directly above the bed the two black Jielde lamps take center stage, directing your eye to the focal point (the bed).

The small spaces within the master bedroom lend themselves to very dark or black paint- this dressing room and closet space is a prime example. Finished with brass handles, oversized mirrors, dimmed lighting and plush furnishings, this space creates a understated glamorous feel, somewhat reminiscent of a dressing room backstage of a theatre.

The love of colour from the bedroom is continued into the ensuite with a feature wall of original pink tiles. Usually I would object to a pink tiled wall, but with reference back through to the master bedroom, somehow it works beautifully. The ensuite also features classic herringbone tiles in a light wash colour and timeless vanity systems.

As you would expect, musical instruments and equipment feature heavily across other spaces throughout the home- some are placed in specific zones, others are displayed proudly as accessories / art. To me, they create a story, taking the visitor on a visual journey of the home and the tenants.

There is so much to love about this home.  It is truly unique and has soul and character. Be inspired by the gallery below. Enjoy!

Max Sparrow

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