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Romantic Revival: Gilles & Boisser Parisian Apartment

The modern day design war of our lust for perfection through minimalistic design is influenced by our inability to turn away form the beauty of tradition and history. This preconceived tension has since been made void realising the complimentary nature and synergy that can exist between modern and classic design. A successful application of this ideal continues to resonate through the personal apartment of Patrick Gilles & Dorothee Boisser, the opposites that attract.

The apartments original chevron parquetry floors, French framed window and balconies, grand floor to ceiling boiserie detail and timber wall paneling has been restored to perfection. Gilles & Bossier possess an innate appreciation to maintain and celebrate the apartments structural integrity and history. The classic timber floor anchors the high ceiling and immense white walls that surround, intensifying the lightness of the rooms. Windows framed by flowing curtains invite sunlight into the space and cast soft shadows that introduce a subtle grey hue throughout the apartment. The neutral palette is interrupted with a distinct display of black and statement brass elements against the ornate walls. The importance of pure materiality is reintroduced in the kitchen marble and timber elements that follow the crisp lines of architecture.

The duo understands the need to balance the grandeur of the scale and age of the apartment ultimately determining the placement and design of furniture. The couples’ own designs, minimalist pieces that focus on purity of form and materiality, furnish the apartment. With an extensive display of art and artefacts so carefully curated and placed the apartment achieves the awe and ambience of an exhibition gallery.

Pure elegance is a defining feature of Gilles & Bossiers aesthetic through the use of refined materials, appreciation of structural lines and introduction of bespoke ornaments throughout their luxury projects. The romantic revival of Giles & Boisser’s 19th century Parisian apartment represents a perfect equilibrium of modern and classic elements in which they combine design sensibilities to set a dramatic, minimalist home.

Grace Fernan

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