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Design Field Notes

Design Field Notes

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Room Spotlight: The Nursery

Welcoming a new little baby into the world is an amazing time in any parent’s life, amazing and overwhelming!

One of the many things on the to-do list is setting up the nursery. This can either be the most stressful of tasks, or the most fun, depending on your love of creativity and design. Either way you want that space to be perfect for your new little human.  You just have to scroll through Instagram or spend a few minutes on Pinterest to see that the style stakes have been raised in setting up the chic nursery, not to mention the options available. It is no longer a simple checklist of cot, change table and nursing chair.

When designing a nursery, you want to ensure that you enjoy being in as well. Let’s be honest, you will be appreciating the surrounds much more than your newborn baby who isn’t quite ready to take in all the aesthetics.  Try to keep the colour palette simple to help create a sense of calm – after all, it is the place where you need lots of sleep to transpire.  From there, you can create interest through layers and texture. It’s always best to start with the essentials – cot and change table, or a dresser with a change station. From here you can add the design elements that best represent your new family.

Storage is always an essential element. They are so tiny when they first come home, but they grow and they accumulate a lot of belongings very quickly. Storage, and lots of it is always a necessity.

Keeping things neutral is perfect if you don’t know the gender, or even if you plan on expanding your tribe in the future.

Layers like artworks, books, mobiles and even greenery add those points of interest for the finishing touches.

See the gallery below for some inspiration along with some products from Little Sparrow to help you achieve this look.

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