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Sea Art; Still Life Installations

Last year I was scrolling through Instagram (as you do) and stumbled upon something that moved me and that will always remain in my memory.

In November 2013, the “Sea Art” exhibition was hatched – a collaboration between Jacqui Fink of Little Dandelion and stylist / ceramist Lara Hutton. This unique collection of interior still life installations is enriched with textures and forms inspired by the Ocean. The oversized hand knitted textiles warmly hug found vintage pieces of furniture while the fragile ceramic vessels nestle on top of them. Among these specimens are haunting and ethereal images uniting all these forms blissfully.

A visual playground with textures abound, the naturally coloured fibres combined with wood set on a white background, can’t help but evoke waves of calm and peace. This juxtaposition of materials is a dreamy combination stirring feelings of familiarity and solace, much like the magical sea itself.

The skills Jacqui and Lara posses are the perfect combination of craft and art.  Each piece, individually created using traditional “homely” skills, are executed with artistic integrity to create an eloquent conceptual art piece.  The Sea Art exhibition connects an audience to a bountiful visual, tactile and emotive feast.