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Selling Your Home: Getting Ready For Market

As a property stylist, my job is to get the most out of your home when it goes on the market – so over the years I’ve learnt a thing or two about selling and moving home.  Tune in to my 3 part series for Field Notes, giving you all the tips and tricks you need to ensure you get

The first step, and sometimes the hardest, is to remove yourself emotionally from your home once you’ve decided you’ll be selling.  You have to start seeing your family home as a business opportunity.

Set yourself up with a Real Estate Agent and Property Stylist.  Interview a few until you are 100% confidence they’ll get the most out of your sell.

Step 1: Set a Budget

Decide how much work you want/need to do to your property to present it in the best possible way to prospective buyers. This will often be dictated by your budget – agents and stylists can advise you on this, as they do this everyday and know what the market expectations are for a unique property like yours.

Step 2: De-Clutter

Pack away now instead of later!  Don’t be offended if the stylist suggests removing your favourite pieces – your taste may not be suitable for the 95% of the market you want to attract to your property.

Step 3:  Touch Up

First impressions count – and it’s worth spending a bit on the basics. The best (and most cost effective) way to freshen up your property is to repaint and re carpet through out, or buff/polish floorboards.  This will neutralise and modernise even very old, dated properties. Choose light, neutral colours that will appeal to a broader market. Tidy or re-plant the garden, high pressure clean the outside and freshen up the paintwork, if needed. If a complete paint job is required outside have the stylist recommend colours for you.

Step 4: Revise your Floor Plan

Furniture selection and layout is very important and must be appeal to the broader market.  Again rely on your stylist for advice. Their expertise will make a huge difference to the overall presentation of your property.

Now you rest assured you have done everything possible to ensure your property looks it’s best and you can sit back and let the agency complete the job and sell your property at the highest price!

Next steps, moving home….

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