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A Touch Of The 70s

It was evident at the world’s finest furniture fairs that a touch of the 70s are in.

We’ve seen an increase in the use of bold colours and pattern, and it seems that these details, along with a bit of kitsch thrown into the mix, will be a popular hit for interior design this year – welcome to 70’s styling!

When I think of interior design in the 70’s, I think of burnt oranges, browns, and yellows adorning the home in a not-so-subtle way. Although it’s proposed that 70’s styling is in this year, I don’t think it means to replicate every single thing; it’s safe to say that this year we can achieve stunning interior design by taking on board certain from the era, and put our own modern spin on it…

Geometric repetitive patterns were a huge feature in the 70’s, and this can easily be translated into today’s interior design aesthetic. Have a play with various tones of the iconic era’s colours, and perhaps move towards a gold pattern or a muted version for a more subtle effect. Another popular way to incorporate this 70’s feature is through geometric patterned tiles, and I’m not just talking plain white hexagonal or diamond-shaped tiles – I’m talking bold, geometric, coloured tiles that pack a punch!

Warm timbers such as Walnut or Teak introduced more brown highlights throughout the home, often seen in modular shelves and étagères similar to the Jonathan Adler Claude 2 Drawer Unit. Orange was a prominent colour used throughout the period, and was often incorporated with different shades of brown and yellow. When it comes to incorporating these colours into a modern interior, Jonathan Adler really gets it right, just take a look at his Jonathan Adler Arthur Kilim Rug (in Red) – it’ll add a fun 70’s vibe in just the right amount.

Alexandra D