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Shopping for the Perfect Kilim with Cadrys

With over 60 years in business across three generations, it’s clear the Cadry’s family have a particular passion for sourcing hand-woven rugs. 

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An expert in his field, I turn to Bob Cadry to reveal a little more about the timeless, ever-inspiring Kilim style rug – from it’s origins to the main considerations when purchasing this historically significant work of art for your home:

On understanding a Kilim rug:

Flat weave Kilims are considered to be one of the earliest forms of rug weaving – likely to have evolved from the simplest reed basket and mat weaving techniques.

This primitive style of weaving is still practiced in many countries today and is a domestic textile craft that holds a utilitarian and artistic significance.  Kilims are produced by hand weaving of a (typically) woolen yarn weft horizontally across the warp thread to produce a flat surface with no pile.  In effect, this classifies them as a type of tapestry weave.

Examples of this technique have appeared across Europe, Asia, and America, however the most famous are the brightly coloured Turkish, Persian, Afghan and Moroccan varieties.

On buying a Kilim:

Kilims are a primitive form of artistic expression that usually feature bold angular patterns combined with rich, vibrant or earthly tones. As such, the most important consideration is visual appeal.

Always choose a piece that speaks to you, buy with your heart and select a piece that adds interest, warmth and personality to your home.  And of course, pick a piece that complements your style; at the end of the day, the Kilim rug will be a reflection of your own taste.

Furthermore, while kilims are robust and durable (typically made from wool yarns that are resilient) they are still lightly constructed and as such the condition and weave will need to be considered when placing them in heavy traffic positions.

It is advisable to always use a non-slip underlay to prevent damage and accidents and assist with the wearing ability.

Cadry’s stock a beautiful variety of antique and contemporary Kilim rugs – discover their range online here, or enquire at your nearest Coco Republic Store.



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