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Sibella Court- Commercial Concepts

Sibella Court is one of Sydney’s most recognisable interior stylists; walk into any of the Sydney spaces she’s worked on (Ms G’s, York 75, Upstairs at the Beresford, El Loco, Bistrode CBD to name a few) and you’d instantly know.  The give away is in the element of surprise – tie-dye leather upholstery, an unexpected plant or two, bold patterns and stand-out lighting.

With all of this in the detail, it’s no wonder Sibella describes her work as a reflection of her “personal journeys”.  From conception (inspired by her own travel photographs) to the finalised space (having usually involved a team of inspiring designers, builders and architects) every commercial job ends up as a very personalised and unique space.

For budding interior designers approaching a commercial job, Sibella recommends a few tips:  firstly, work within a ten-colour pallete.  This provides boundaries and allows for the space to feel like a
“story”.  Secondly, always “roll with the punches”.  With an opening date always looming, a creative problem-solving attitude is an absolute necessity.  And finally, work on being a strong communicator and relationship builder – you’re only as good as the team you are working with so be open to new collaborations and look after the tradies, suppliers, designers and friends you love to work with.”

Controversially, Sibella “avoids mood boards like the plague”, preferring instead to present rough story boards with large samples “that clients can touch and feel”.  She also draws on her styling experience in NYC and has been known to present life-sized sets photographed as still-life editorial at client meetings.  These unconventional presentation methods certainly add to Sibella Court’s eclectic appeal; ensuring the designer will stay busy in Sydney, and across the globe throughout 2012.

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Beth F


Photographs from Society Inc. Portrait of Sibella Court

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