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Smart Design: David Collins Studio

As an interior designer myself, the work of UK based designer David Collins has been a true inspiration to me for many years. After the tragic news of his death, this past July, I have been revisiting his work, and thought to share it here today.

His approach to interior design, in my opinion, is clearly thought out and highly intelligent.  With careful consideration to colour, balance and detail, each of his interior schemes (from residential to hospitality) still feels current, and I highly doubt they will ever date.

The timeless nature of his approach to design lies in a clean, simple execution of concepts.  Bold colour choices are always present, but palettes are often soft and delicate, to create a sense of calm in the space.   Furniture, accessories and lighting are chosen with the highest attention to detail – upholstery is beautifully finished, and furniture designs are unique on their own, but work in perfect harmony to the rest of the scheme.

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I particularly love the way his interiors present a sense of formality and structure that is often lost in design today. 

Next week I’ll be presenting my portfolio of recent work at the Coco Republic Design School’s Speaker Series.  Come along to hear how I translate my inspirations into design schemes for clients.  Find out more, and book your tickets here.  See you next week!



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